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No one knows what existed before Edderan or where Hestral originated from. What is know is that his power is infinite; he is the creator of the gods, the world, and that live within it. After creating all that is, he stepped back from Edderan to allow his creations to live their lives. The gods, being creatures with free will not unlike the peoples of Edderan, could not all agree on how the world should be governed. This dissention was reflected in the interaction of the races of Edderan, each fearful of the other as they struggled for survival. The gods tried to calm the factions, providing incentive to cooperate and trade. But these attempts at peace would only last briefly as the nature of the creatures on Edderan would drive them back to conflict.

Indalis, the dark one, saw the division of the gods as an opportunity. His pride and vanity had led him to believe he should be equal to Hestral and ruler of Edderan. He also viewed the free will granted to the people of Eddran as a weakness in Hestral. The conflicts amongst the gods and with the peoples of Edderan exposed this weakness and vulnerability. Indalis wanted to deepen the divide amongst the gods and provide more separation from the gods and the people of Edderan. Indalis set to creating more evil to infest Edderan, trying to show the ineffectiveness and absence of the gods.

After some time it became apparent that Eddran was in dire straits, Indalis’ power was growing and the people were moving farther from the gods and from Hestral.

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