Hestral or The One is the creator of Edderan. All the creatures that inhabit the land, sea and air, and the gods who rule over it all owe their existence to Hestral. He is not often worshiped directly, with the belief being that intersession from one of the other gods is required to gain any favor with Hestral. It is not known what Hestral looks like and he is most often portrayed as a faceless figure surrounded by an aura of light.

Hestral is the father of all the gods. He has rested the responsibility of Edderan to his children, giving them the freedom to decide its course. He rarely intervenes in conflicts and when he does it is usually discrete and in the form of aid, rather than direct action. The god Indalis wishes to usurp power from Hestral but does not have the power to confront him directly.


There are small sects, usually in the rural areas of Edderan, that worship Hestral directly. With the prevalence of the other gods, and their overt activity in the world, it is easier for the people to put their faith in them. Hestral very rarely makes himself know to the people of Edderan, leaving their guidance to the other gods.


Hestral’s primary belief is in the personal responsibility of his creations. You are given free will and you must accept the consequences of your actions.


Life, Light

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