Indalis or The Dark One is the god of the Shadows and Deceit. He is less a person and more a form of the darkest shadows themselves. He moves like the mist and tries to remain away from the light. His symbol is pitch black circle with a small, blue circle in the center.


Indalis is the father of the evil races on Edderan. He was lead to believe he stole the power of creation and with it he set about trying to conquer Edderan. He created the evil creatures which now roam the land, threatening the good people of Edderan. There are a few cults that relish power as much as Indalis and so they worship the shadows in hopes of gaining that power.


Indalis sees the races of Edderan as weak and stupid. They need to be told what to do and how to do it, every aspect of their lives should be controlled and regulated. The freedoms given by the other gods are foolish and Indalis knows the only solution is domination.


Death, Tempest, Trickery

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