Pallen or The Golden Pouch is the god of Trade and Commerce. He is a gnome of average height and nondescript build. He wears a simple, dark blue tunic and trousers and wears a dark brown hat over his curly hair. The one distinguishing element of his wardrobe is a bright, golden pouch that hangs from his belt. His symbol is a bright golden pouch.


The gnomes of Edderan are the wards of Pallen, but he is worshiped by any who seek aid in the areas of trade. Merchants throughout Edderan pay homage to Pallen so they might receive blessings in their business ventures.


Pallen is a proponent of free and fair trade, that the citizens of Edderan should be able to buy and sell what they wish, and how the wish. He believes that all interactions come down to the principles of commerce and it is through these forces that true freedom can be found.



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