Dumadren or The Stone Hammer is the god of the Earth and Mountains. He is a stout dwarf with fiery red hair and beard. He carries a hefty warhammer, Thron and is never far from a tankard of ale. His symbol is the warhammer, with a gray steel head and a thick wooden handle.


Dumandren is responsible for the dwarven and goliath races. His worshipers include those that call the high elevations and deep caverns home. Any who work with the minerals of the mountains find a kinship with Dumandren and his followers.


Dumadren is a firm believer in the importance of hard work. It strengthens the body and feeds the soul, giving the peoples of Edderan the drive to succeed. He also espouses importance of recreation when your work is done, the need of every soul to release the frustrations of dealing with this broken world.


Tempest, War

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