Oberon or The Righteous Fist is the god of Law, Order and Justice. Oberon is a tall human male, dressed in shining plate armor with a blue, clenched fist on his breast plate. He carries his trusted longsword, Rythka, at his side and is never far from his large, blue shield.


Oberon is charged with seeing over the human population on Edderan and thus is the god a majority of humans worship. He is not only worshiped by humans, but by any people who see the need for Law and Justice in the world. Oberon has two Paladin Orders; The Azure Way and The Sapphire Society.


Oberon views Justice and Order as the virtues that will bring about peace over Edderan. His laws are to be adhered to strictly or else one will fall victim to the vices that pervade the races of Edderan. All action must be just and follow the order of society.


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